Friday, November 4, 2011

Skilled Workers

Lacked of skilled workers puts off investor. This is what I have read today in the STAR paper . We have realised this much earlier and before 308 in the year of 2008, we have been organising a lot of seminars, talks, conferences etc-etc on all these issues. However, we received cold respond from the people at large. We must realise that the country is made up of all walks of life and in order to succeed in the nation building all level of workers are required. We cannot based on the intellect to build the country neither can we depend on the leaders to build the country. We need the whole nation to build the country together. Skilled worker is part and parcel of our society and it shall not be little, without this level of human resource, the nation building afford will not be successful. Therefore, the government shall take all steps to ensure that the system of production of skilled worker is revamp and proper attention and emphasis should be placed thereon.

I had an experience with one of the outsource skill worker training centre when we have sponsored a student to and to find out that the training centre is in dilapidated stage which is pathetic for the study environment. Such centre was an authorised centre by one of the ministry in the year of 2006. These issue has to be taken into consideration by the government.

We all want our nation to become the developed nation in 2020. If go by the report today can we succeed?

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