Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sense of Responsibility

I read a report in THE STAR dated 5th March 2009 page N3 with disappointment. Everytime when there are some problems, the first thing to be blamed is the "act of god". The report said "TWO MONTHS OF RAIN IN JUST TWO HOURS". The report also stated that DID director described the rain as exceptional. So god sake, please do not always put the blame on the act of god. I perceived all these as irresponsible act of the officials. Be it the officials of DBKL, DID, Contractors, Planner, etc-etc. the report also said that the SMART was only used to divert the water from Sungai Klang not Sungai Gombak. All our brilliant planner, how much money have we spent on the "SMART" and it is so stupid for only one river. You are not only disappoint our own people, you had also upset so many foreigner and invester that come to the country. We saw many people on television viocing their concerned about the flood and also damaged so much property of the people. Cars were submerged, furniture on display damaged and so on.

Why is this happening? I am of the opinion that all these are happening due to irresponsible officials. The country is lacking in actual responsibility of the official. I advocate for a equally heavy punishement be meted out for the wrong that was conducted by the officials. If the rain is going to be so heavy, why are the paople not alerted by the Department, where is our "kaji cuaca"?

Is our "SMART" planned only to divert the water from Sungai Klang? Why are we not told about this ? Are the officials intended that to be that way? Was it a mistake? If it is a mistake, whose? What action are we suppose to take? Who shall take the responsibility?

I hereby urge the government to take stern action against all these officials who have made mistake/wrong. If the mistake/wrong was by the Minister, Department head, KSU, TKSU or whoever action shall be taken. We cannot afford to let these happen continuously blaming it on the "Act Of God".