Thursday, February 4, 2010

ISA Should be In Action Now

If at all ISA is still relevant in the current state of the affair in the Country, then such operation shall be put into force these few days. I am not advocating that ISA shall be maintained, however at the moment it is still the law in the country. A person, no matter how high his position may be, he shall abide by the law in the country.

I personally is of the opinion that since the a special officer in the Prime Minister Department Datuk Nasir had made such statement which I would see it as a threat to the national security (because it would create havoc in the country if suc thing is not handle properly) shall be arrested under such law, ISA.

His action of resigning from the post would not spare him the consequences of making such statement. Eventhough, the Minister in the Ministry of Home Affair had said that he will be investigated under the Seditious law, I think it warrants a more stringent measure taking into the account the gravity of the statement.

Further, such statement is against the 1Malaysia concept by his own BOSS, the PM?