Thursday, December 2, 2010

PR's Conflicting Views

PR used to say we fight for the betterment of whole Malaysia irrespective of whether you are a Malay, Chinese, Indian or others. That is marvelous and exciting ideology. However, many issues after this have seen that they do not walk the talk and do not talk the walk.

Just few days ago, PAS said that when PR took over Putrajaya, hudud law will be introduce in stages. DAP keep mum and no says anything about it. Is this silence tantamount to agreement? What does PKR say? Nothing! Is this for the people and for whole Malaysian?

When DSAI said LKS will be the DPM, I thought that is true! Then, PAS said not discussed before, no one knows about it! Even LGE said never discussed before? LKS when asked said no comment!

If it is not discussed before then why did DSAI said so? I thought DSAI must either be in entirely full control of PR or it is another 916?

Today came the Guru of PR, Nik Aziz, once you are a muslim you can even be PM or DPM. Hah! I thought they are talking about policy of Malaysian. Or no he is segregating people in Malaysia with religion but race! A new policy of PR?Is this all agreed by PR member? Is this what we called the common platform? Common principle?

Why we do not the PR member giving their views on what Tok Guru Nik Aziz had just said? YB LKS, YB KARPAL, YB LGE, YB TCK, YB CE, YB TNC, YB LWS, YB TONY PUA, YB LLY, YB TIAN CHUA, YB LKB, YB HANNAH YEOH, etc-etc where are you all?